Tool List

The list contains the available cutting tools in one operation, which are kept continously updated. Additionaly we have more simple tools for cases, where it's too expensive to build a whole tool because of a small quantity. These tools are built for diameters over 50 mm, whereby the outer and inner diameter is stamped separately absolutely concentric with a tolerance of +/-0,1 mm. One reason more to ask us!
We have additional possibilities to produce smaller series of parts starting from 120 - 1200 mm diameter at a maximum material thickness of 3 mm (circular shear).
With our laser machine we are able to produce all other parts very fast.

Downloading of the tool list

If you have a program to unpack ZIP-files, you can download directly the ZIP-file. Otherwise you can download a self-extracting EXE-file. Then you have to execute the EXE-file at the DOS-prompt (unpacking) or to execute it by clicking "Start" "Execute" difag-werkzeugliste.exe.
If you have unpacked the files, you can view the start site difag-werkzeugliste-start.html with your normal internet browser.
If you have problems with the downloading process, the opening of the list or if you have suggestions, write us an E-Mail under:

Tool list in HTML-format: self-extracting EXE-file (141KB)
Tool list in HTML-format: ZIP-file (51KB)

Last update: 18.7.17